Essence of Movement

The essence of Tai Chi is light throughout marked with usual movement of the body. In the Chinese tradition the use of gentle movement helps to make powerful the essence of Chi so that the body can claim its full health and consciousness. This process is of value to the student as the practice of movement deepens the experience of flow within.

Movement is consciousness expressed softly and gracefully, marked by the accentuation of a shift in weight with the sensitive engagement of hands and waist. These together provide a healthy exercise that claim natural power in the body. The use of breath and the way of observation help to release stress, negativity and clear the mind. In all traditions of Tai Chi we see a common way of movement that reflects of old a martial art tradition and the building of a field of kindness.

Within each tradition we will also find a unique way of mastery that claims Chi through inner work.  The placement of consciousness with breath in a sensitive and mindful way accentuates flow and mastery. In the system of Five Blossoms we play with the work of Chi  through the various ways that it opens the mind, body and consciousness.

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Light of Tai Chi     _____________

The learning is from within as the practice helps to access a flow of consciousness that help to open energy pathways to relieve stress and power. Tai Chi offers uniqueness in the honouring of tradition.  The Fu style offers the shortest of forms and the most advanced of techniques, that when enjoyed mindfully support the light of Tai Chi. Copyright Denise Richard

The body is capable of expressing a movement that serves and in practice this means that the expression is of a making. For example, the process of learning hand movement teaches not only coordination and energetic awareness, but also respect for the balancing of the body and the two hemispheres.

As the body ages there is a marked shift in connection with the ground. The practice of Tai Chi engages earthly power as support for the process of aging moves us to surrender and release. This mindful work puts pleasure into a simple walking exercise that claims good grounding.

Those who enjoy Tai Chi learn to observe a compassionate quality of flow in everyday life as the art teaches the student to move mindfully in accordance with a greater light.