Of the Vessel

The Five Blossom model offers a way of learning that sensitively engages awareness in body.  The human body as a vessel, when compassionately held in thought contains and holds support for the flowering and light of being.

The Light of Vessel is a term I describe as an alchemy of the physical body in which consciousness and light move. For the securing of the vessel we cultivate an awareness of the sections in the body that transform energy.  In the body we know of 4 areas that pool energy distinctly; these are the base, the mid sections, the chest and the head. In each of these areas there is a specific manifestation of energy which enables the grounding towards a lighter and more sustainable way of being.

When this is acknowledged and each section is developed a process of healing is appreciated as we feel the height of health. Sometimes an awareness of discomfort can be concerning this demands faith in knowing that the body can receive and hold the light. The transcendent way is contemplative and compassionate understanding of heart  - the fulfillment of grounding.  The heart is the vessel through which this devotional process takes place. When the focus of the practice is to know and love there is the Tao. The Taoist way is an act of acceptance. 

Copyright Denise Richard

Light of Vessel    _______________

Dedicated to my teachers who inspire light.

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