Third Blossom Chi Kung: continues to support health as it  moves your consciousness into a subtler awareness of your energy system. For the student this offers a deeper understanding of the subtle body and supports a stronger relationship to your spiritual path. The cleansing element of this practice is purposeful as it  gives extra strength through the release of negativity.  

Chi Kung of Elements:In the practice of Chi Kung we recognise the importance of clearing  issues related to  the earth field. For those who have the strength and power of earth and wish to engage the play of Shamanism , in this practice we learn of the five elements.. The flow of chi in this practice is sensitive and is of ancient origin.

Fourth Blossom Chi Kung:  helps to balance the consciousness of heart and body, clear away excess stress and emotion, and secures the light of Chi. The practice has two segments, one the Xiang Gong offers subtle and effortless release of energy in the arms and chest. The other segment is soft Tai Chi posturing  providing good grounding of  consciousness throughout the body.  Tai Chi benefits the balancing of hemispheres and supports good health through gentle movement.

Light of Vessel: For those who understand that consciousness creates a field of light that protects and secures us in every way, this program is for you. This work helps to reveal  ways of thinking and observing that can help transform and create good health in all ways.   The practice is of a way that is simple and offers a unique reconnection to the greater field of light. For some this is a strengthening of a known relationship with what is natural and self-sustaining. This practice engages subtle awareness of a personal connection with the field of cosmic energy supported through the energetics of the earth field. The program honours the natural world and supports the promotion of health and awareness.

Power of the Gates: originates from Wundan mountain the birthplace of the Crane consciousness. The practices opens the pathways that lead to the main power centers in the body. This work helps to calibrate the movement and power  through body engaging deeper reconnection  and  nourishing  the whole system. Here we introduce three distinct paths that integrate in forming advanced grounding.  This training is of value for men and women looking for fitness in a distinct way. 

​​​Introduction: offers the essence in understanding of the power and healing consciousness of Chi Kung and Tai Chi. Three simple body postures help with reconnection and flow of energetics in the body. 

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Five Blossom Gatherings has much to offer you

Support for your physical and energetic needs: ​​​ Five Blossom practices are unique. We offer a variety of ways to support for your physical and energetic strength, stability and health. This work develops a natural way of support  for protection and energetic defense. 

​Fire Blossom Chi Kung:​In this work we pay attention to human relationship and the greater field. The elements  support and inspire new growth as this work is of a  spiritual consciousness. The practice supports harmony and breath with distinction.   Physical grounding is developed further as the opening of the heart is with earth.

Second Blossom Chi Kung:helps you awaken and heal your physical body. Special care is given to protecting the energetic pathways to facilitate the flow of chi through the subtle body, this will enhance physicality and ease stress. The work is done in a sequence that is unique and helps to care for and balance your energy system. .

Rainbow Blossom:A specialized program that helps to support the health of your feminine body. This work combines teachings from the Crane lineage to protect, cleanse the energy system and support healthy maintenance.  The program provides good grounding, healing and restoration for all stages of growth. The resource is of value and good for women of all ages.   Here we introduce Shen Kung for women and offer the light of chi as a way of cooling and quieting the bodyA specialized program that helps to support the health of your feminine body.

First Blossom Chi Kung: is the Flying Crane Chi Kung. It is centuries old and holds great energy for your good health. The focus of this practice is to develop awareness of your energy system through 5 specific explorations. This beautiful practice helps to develop the qualities of observation, grounding, stillness, flexibility and gracefulness as seen in the Crane. This Chi Kung is the foundation for the building of strength and Chi on which other practice will be supported.  

Fifth Blossom Chi Kung: is the Light of Crane and  originates from the Tibetan White Crane Tradition. The practice is called Pa Tin Gam and translates as Chi Kung Healing. This simple form has 8 specific postures that support deep healing  and rebalancing of the body by way of arm movements and breath.  This practice offers strong protection and physical support for the whole body. Excellent for spiritual practitioners or those in service at a level that   engages the heart of consciousness. Copyright Denise Richard

Light of Chi:  An opportunity to learn  basics of practice and energy management. Simple awareness teaches you how to support the health and healing of your energy system. This workshop is for those inspired to grow in  health with easy techniques that help you explore the potential of growth deep inside. Easy practice helps to open the field of light and learn the simple Taoist way. This workshop opens an understanding of Chi Kung in a purposeful way.