Healthy mind and healthy body. We hear this said time and time again. How do we lose clarity and mindfulness?

Take for example the idea of fly paper. That sticky gluey strip that we hang to catch flies on a hot summer night. When we are consistently held in stress and strife, the mind cannot relax and cannot release itself. We begin to fixate on all the little problems and create a gluey strip just like the fly paper as it consists of a usual reality. When the mind is exercised like this, the gluey strip of mind loops and creates an imprint that hangs in a dark reality. To heal this, a simple cleansing solution known in the Chi Kung and Tai Chi tradition as mindfulness, teaches us to look consciously towards the light.

The light of mindfulness is not easy to hold in the body as it is consciousness in motion. The experience of holding awareness asks for presence in the flow of Chi. Those inspired will  learn basic tools and skills to enhance the awareness and access to a light felt way of being. The practices of Chi Kung and Tai Chi develop the mindful way through observation and ask nothing more than awareness. Through simple and easy postures a specific movement of energy is enhanced.. As the student observes this, they may grow in health.  Consistent application to practice will help release the holding of mind and stress in the body. When the body is safely held in compassion - through simple postures wholeness glows.

The ancient tradition of Chinese health holds the premise that health is observed.  The  foundation is simple - in order to heal the mind must be quiet, calm and still. The mind when free of conflict and fixation will open the door to a limitless reality. With this we know that health for all - for those we care for will grow in wellness as the process of regeneration is set. In health we are inclusive and in goodness.





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Mindfulness in Chi Kung

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The practice of Five Blossom chi kung is of a lineage that respects the way body energetics naturally develop and heal. Ongoing practice supports consciousness and health management at all levels. My training with Grand Masters Peng  and Chow of the Crane Lineage engaged the delicate flowering of mind, body and heart.  An assessment of your energy system is available for all those who wish to learn or train in chi kung or tai chi. In essence this  sensitive and compassionate work mirrors the powerful qualities of the crane. With lightness you are  taught observation, breath and stillness in grounding and movement.

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The mind is naturally fluid when in a simple situation without concern. Take the light of consciousness as experience in the light of night. If you look upon the stars you see before you a simple representation of light. If you don’t have any association with starlight, you will have an experience of presence.. The mind is still and unwavering. If you have experience and knowledge of starlight you will have a complex series of thoughts that move you through the association.  The distinction of thought and observation of this is called mindfulness. When the mind and awareness are placed in observation in a respectful way the consciousness of what is observed is revealed through the nature of flow. In this way we don't override the denial of what we are protecting.