Cream colored roses

Cream colored roses
petals of thunder
a touch of
light in beauty

What the wind
knows of you
caressing this moment
with your mouth

Place the one
that is good
on a blue
piece of blessed

With all tomorrows
knowing the rhythm
of the flower
in heart together

Copyright Denise Richard

Light of Blooms – light of service

As flow of thought engages in heart, we seek. As our desire grows to know the light of heart and interact in heart of relating the blossoming takes us into full bloom.  

In daily life we gage and direct our choices by the through ways that create a comforting lifestyle. Those crossroads where growth, life and awareness interact teach us of compassion and the power of giving. The power to give is a choice that when practiced in a clear and undemanding way, offers us the right to exist and power to love.  The movement of consciousness with free association supports a collective growth that heals and secures.

The power of this work denotes a tendency to offer ourselves as a vehicle for change. For those who are inclined to love and create this way is of ease. Why do we give even when the going is so tough that the world demonstrates danger and darkness? Most people who offer the heart of service discover a human quality that is uniquely genuine as the circumstances are usually chosen. When giving in the context of difficult relationship the owning to the outcome is often tender and painfully blurs any sense of achievement. The point of this is that when service is practiced, we learn the boundaries of giving, the power of giving and immense accomplishment that service provides.

Those who seek healing usually need to receive and take the advantage through service industries that hold a heartfelt kindness. If this kindness is not practice in a personal or public way we see the hardening of lines as rigid attitudes that tell of need for community and humble holding. We see at certain times of the year greater movement towards giving and loving.  The placement of this as practice helps to embody the sensitive heart. When tenderness has value and potency there is freedom with heartfelt giving.

The heart opens in safety and health in receptive grounding. To offer service and chose to know that the light of heart is always good, we see the beauty of human consciousness. To open the love of our sensitive heart and teach with this knowing is often in hard felt alignment that doesn’t play fair. The world cannot hold us as we want to be held , if the giving if only good when can be received. Taking the road of least resistance is good if the road is not plagued with misguidance. Therefore how we chose to give and whom we chose to give to will always be of importance, but the real statement is whether we can give regardless of being given in a way that is of our need. Sometimes we think that only if we receive the outcome desired is it of value, and honestly that may seem correct, yet to give and feel the result without knowing if it was ever sensed with the purity and tenderness offered will always be a human conflict. Denise Richard Copyright

Dedicated to the Grand Masters

Light of Blooms ____________