Light of Blooms ____________

Cream colored roses

Cream colored roses
petals of thunder
a touch of
light in beauty

What the wind
knows of you
caressing this moment
with your mouth

Place the one
that is good
on a blue
piece of blessed

With all tomorrows
knowing the rhythm
of the flower
in heart together

Copyright Denise Richard

Light of Blooms – light and creativity

When art reflects potency the  heart is taken. Through instinct we know – that power and art interrelate as the complexity of light, shadow, colour and form engage. 

I recall as a young woman receiving the wise counsel of an elder. She described how the play of light with the rendering of form engaged the power of spirit. That the making of art is an act of personal power considered sacred from the view of spiritual care.

To contemplate lightly with a conscious act of making - brings  harmony. Those who make art grow in new ways as they follow the promptings with  distinguished power and expression.

This field of purpose  extends and opens the door to depict the beauty and sensitivity of humanity.