​​​The light of Chi presents itself through the realization of ones’ true nature; this is a quality of beauty that is reflected through heartfelt presence. When this level of presence is attained there is an experience of a deep love for the earth and all that is natural. As the light of heart is awakened the pure consciousness of the natural world draws us, feeds us and supports harmonious relationship. When people gather to practice Taoist arts there is a synergy that occurs where the light of Chi collectively pools to offers a container in which the student can grow. The gentleness and simplicity of the practices allow for deep relaxation and depth of awareness revealing the internal wisdom and brilliance of the body. For those looking towards the natural world with reverence and a passion for awakening consciousness, the Taoist path speaks profound truth.  Copyright Denise Richard

Pleasure in movement
as spirals create
​emptiness in space
​two with dragon

The pull of
movement was light
in opening with
​strands of power

The strong shift
looks with something
unheard only so
energy will bound

​In clean view
of what will
now and consist
​this clear moment

​Copyright Denise Richard

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Dedicated to Grand Master Peng

​​Light of Chi _______________

Light of Chi


The tradition of Chinese health management discovered long ago that in cultivating Chi there was a special process through which energy was transmuted into consciousness. The term for this process of transmutation is called alchemy. Taoist masters realized this understanding through centuries of study and observation of the energy flow in the plexus areas of the body. Energy in the plexus of the pelvis, heart and head is stabilized and held as a resource to support change.

With this understanding the student who learns the ancient art of Chi Kung and Tai Chi is taught to develop energy and transform it into consciousness; for as Chi builds in the body the next step is for the alchemy of the heart to take place. Chi rises into the heart plexus and then becomes the agent through which the heart is refined, opened and clarified. As this happens a clear light appears in the heart plexus and it becomes the foundation for awareness. This practice therefore supports the clearing and opening of heart and the awakening of consciousness through the building of a strong and stable energy system. 

The body is the vehicle through which consciousness is developed. By practicing simple and precise movements, the energy system becomes infused with Chi and begins to relax. Just like a child who is held in the arms of a loving mother, the practitioner learns that a greater force is present and available to help hold, nourish and heal within the surrounding environment.

There is a shift in consciousness that gently and slowly occurs as the student can open to greater harmony with community and heart. When these work together deep changes can take place for all systems are interconnected. Taoist practice brings not only the gift of harmony, security and health, but it also provides the link of awareness.

For the new student it will take time and consistent application in order for new patterns of flow and health to take root. The most significant change will present itself as new depth of quietness and keener observation.  As a practitioner of over 25 years I can attest to the beauty, the grace and healing consciousness of Tai Chi and Chi Kung.