Resiliency in health.

Health management practice supports physical, mental and social wellbeing. As a way of care it engages issues sensitive to all levels of health. As we extend the envelop of care, health management in a broader view involves a subtle assessment; a way of engagement that places attention on those issues that may commonly be overlooked.

If what we want is good health, resilient health – this vision will provide a way through challenges before us. Traditions of old included within - a model of placed creation. With awareness and compassion for earth, health management included a relationship to what served health. The principle is sound as it stabilizes a reflection of care and includes what protects and nurtures existence.

The argument heard - that earth isn’t well enough to help stabilize the human concern for health - cannot hold value. The concern for toxicity, illness and death has always existed - the human energy system is resilient. Traditions of old hold heart, hope and a vision for wellness. When health practice supports principles that stabilize a common view  we all gain.

Experience places us at a standard. This standard is reflected in nature – reflected by the resiliency of those who live amongst us. To awaken and engage the present issue of climate change even if it wasn’t on the table until mid-century - places earth as witness to our dramatic need. As proven by health issues of old earth isn’t the concern – the concern is our relationship with earth.

Resiliency requires – resiliency is exchange. Resiliency is receptivity and moves us in providing support. If care is given to humans, the manifestation of consciousness is the capacity for awareness and can be nurtured. The state of energetics is sometimes deploring and unhealthy. In truth experience has shown how the human energy system is capable and can transform what is undesirable and replaced it with healthy energy. Requirements for the exchange, care and promotion of health are available.

In question, cultures of old lived well beyond one hundred and showed how living with careful engagement and little science   promoted security and resiliency. Human existence is extreme – we live polarity. Acceptance of resiliency plays the bridge of hope for a natural solution. Nature gives and should we release the conditions for care in hindsight, the potential for health engages

The work of Five Blossom Gatherings is a compilation of teachings offered by masters of old. The training is designed to help with the concerns for health and age. Denise Richard is a certified and licensed trainer of 30 years. 



Restorative Practice 

with Denise Richard