Professional Services 

Body Based Energetic Healthcare 

with Denise Richard

As we age all experience impacts and informs the body. People know what is. Through observation and sensory experience we know. As informative as the experience can be, if without kindness, good grounding or mindfulness in care we go through loss. Loss of relationship with self, loss of other, loss of contact and opportunities for integration.
If we consider a process in life where health is concerned, we look to understand how to correct, fix and reclaim what is lost. This may configure many ways of approaching wellness and hopefully opens a dialogue of how energetics calibrate and how we can relate. Consider your health programs - inform.

As cycles in life brings so much, it is common to refer to traditions or known details that set with certainty a way of care. It is common acceptance that as we age we may have less energy, we will have more challenges with mobility and issues of care augment.
The premise of how to maintain our relationship to this cycle has been given. Found in most texts of old and yet, still unheard for the value of a simple, mindful approach is easily lost when grasping for newness. The premise simply states that the field of earth is the regulator, and the field of earth is source for wellness.
Found in energy development courses you will see a way of approach that looks to protect against loss of health.

Discover your health with Chi Kung and Tai Chi. These ways of work practice preventative medicine.  They enable a personal approach that supports health at all levels. Three principles bring us to consider what stability in health is based on. These synthesize a way of care that build primarily on what sustains life.  As Chi Kung and Tai Chi are approached in a traditional way, understanding is gained through the management of energy. This means that learning is through relating without control and concerns questions about letting go of what impacts us.
Practice brings us in awareness of health cycles and helps protect mind, body and heart. In addition these link with the greater field of care, the earth field. As we age the earth field may become more challenging   - and the issue of health impacts as age is not good. If we challenge this  and open to a compassionate approach that sensitively engages and doesn’t demand – we  open to an ancient view of respect for the elderly.