Creative Empowerment ____________________________

The heart delights and flourishes in a field of growth supported and secured by acts of creativity, courage and humility.  The sweetness of knowing good nature is of value when sensitively put to the test. 

We learn the personal value of power and the importance of status as we enable ourselves to have comfort and privilege.  As we learn the process of the creative cycle and decide how we will act or to what degree we will maintain our sense of self - we set ourselves in for the long journey . In a rare circumstance we play the game of bidding for power to grow in unusual ways and know the potency of having power. We see in popular culture how the play of desire, creativity and empowerment take us through a dance of opposites where empowerment can destroy culture and collective care,

When we view the world as unkind and feel conflicted as to how to manage destructive situations, creative work opens us to a path of growth. Each stage  engaged through the cycle has a spiraling effect inclusive in care. The whole is the field and as we learn to relate respectfully we learn to hold truth in power. The way of old was told as the only play that could last as this way is to enable consciousness in care. When consciousness of creative action and  passionate play  unite in flow a field  of sensitivity is allowed.  

What inspires the growth is a caring and sharing in awareness for the whole. The self of importance is an act of others in denial. To know the way of respectful relationship we uphold creative empowerment for all.