Compassionate Care ___________________________

​​The way of compassionate care is ancient.  There once was an understanding that in working in a loving and sensitive way, a person could live in excellent health well beyond a century. Have you considered this?

When we are supported to uphold an optimum level of consciousness there is excellent health.  What this means is that the effort that we place in sustaining health needs to come from a more subtle place of care. Taking care is a heartfelt and known forever. Why do we forget this?

When a person opens the mind to knowing and really understanding that energy follows thought, that everything you think impacts your physical world and that the way of consciousness is the way to better health; there is an awareness of a greater field of light.  As the mind is open to health, healing, change and joy; there is access to the greater good. The greater good is sustained shared consciousness; therefore anyone who acts in right relationship to the greater good supports sustainability and renewability.  

To produce compassionate care for all, we observe the play of consciousness in daily life, reflecting  our choices  when it comes to participating in making this world a better place.

Copyright Denise Richard