​Creating a Climate of Care _____________________________

Spirituality in the land 

I look to the sky, wondering about the daily climate. Two swallows catch my gaze, playing and moving radically in a spiral motion, they’re visibly enjoying the light of day. I marvel to see the clarity of commitment. There’s no ambivalence in the natural world.

The natural world moves in rhythm and delicate harmony. These configure with an order that isn’t understood. We can justify the understanding of scientific knowledge, and include this with the mystery. These are related when called spirituality. When the land is observed with care the relationship unfolds. Wildlife is held and will bring forth the way as we do no harm. There is no ambivalence here.

This commitment prepares the way for regeneration. In this co-existence exists. Who brought us this knowledge and who shows the way? Should we care will disengage ambivalence into an unfolding and co-creative process. Are we beyond this?

When considering growth whether scientific, political or in trade influence makes the difference.  In spiritual understanding the relationship holds. The commitment will satisfy if the quality of health in care for our land is of standard. Like the swallow we spiral into a play of relating that includes all. The spiraling is the natural way - the dance of earth, air, fire and water.  Respect for each in how they modulate in distinctiveness of form and function.

What the spiral teaches is the letting go of attitude and misfortune. When our hearts beat to one drum and one love, we care and play in a world of plenty. 

Copyright Denise Richard