​​Chi Kung Counselling _______________________

For bookings with Denise Richard - Certified Instructor

 ​​Chi Kung Counselling with Denise Richard is of high standard of practice in goodness. With over three decades of training and service, Denise provides insight and understanding. In this work  consciousness  is revealed through kindness and heart.  

Chi Kung is a  wellness service that offers timeless practices through which the  body can be supported to reveal a way of healing. Allowing the release of old information and allowing for renewal as a practice can only be  through heartfelt dedication. I am now receiving new clients of all ages, offering support for your spiritual and energetic health.


Private Sessions: ***  Sessions are for those who need to know how the body regulates and functions in the play of a powerful purposeful work world. The counselling practice helps to understand issues  of the body. The way of Chi Kung Counselling  discards the usual way of counselling and includes a heartfelt practice of Chi Kung. For those who look to relieve themselves of chronic stress or painful issues of body, this work is  easy and gentle.

Know your body: ***   The sensitive practice of Chi Kung teaches distinctiveness of body. How the body works with the mind and heart to create a unique blend of awareness is important for all who care. This personal brand is yours. How you care and support the health and knowing of this in your personal program is available to those who look with kindness.

Self-care for your health:***   Self-care is defined as a personal way of managing our concerns and healing issues. The practice of Chi Kung brings to life an integrated way of engaging and caring. 

Inspire wholeness: ***  To be inspired in care invites the heart and openness of mind. Bringing forward the lightness and goodness of health develops a program that distinguishes the importance of uniqueness and wellness for all. 

In the tradition of Chi Kung  there is a graceful essence that helps  heal the heart. When this is observed we have the opportunity to help ourselves in healing old patterns. The purpose of Chi Kung  is to help with the energetics of the body, mind and spirit. The nature of this tradition serves  all faiths.