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The work of a master teacher.

Devotion of inspiring.  Understanding the power and complexity of this way of health is both easy and very difficult. The work is obvious and the outcome so kind, yet, this internal work is very demanding. We arrive at a place of comfort knowing the grounding in practice. In this every day work we recreate the foundation in reconnection.

The work of a master teacher in the field of Chi Kung and Tai Chi was offered. In the Chinese tradition the work is given to the student. Work of this nature helps reclaim consciousness and wholeness. In this, the lineage is held and protected in heart. I dedicated my life to work as is expected. The devotion and work of inspiring others isn’t common, for a woman this is unusual training.

The training is continual and helps to resolve the issues with aging. The use of this kind of practice helps to caliber the changes when growing old. The way of practice is nothing but gentle and conscious work.

The training isn’t common. I was blessed to work with masters. These were the ones who took refuge from the torn health and courage of the patriarch. These people remembered the price paid for the work given. They knew how to hold power and never disrespected the trainer. This meant that students were given privilege and power.

When training with master teachers the work is delicate. The masters clearly hold the way of work to support the continuation of the training work no matter what. If this means teaching at the most basic level for the people, then the lineage is held.  I looked to see why I could be chosen out of so many possibilities. It was simply that I was open to receiving with kindness. 

The work of practicing together gets held in a strong way. Energetics build on all levels and the play gets stronger. The student learns the holding of energetics and how a playful forum of heart doesn’t harm. Regular practice offers a center for health. When the student is given the support to learn the forms and gives time to practice with the group the learning unfolds in kindness. It’s a way of old that teaches how to hold the power together. There are times when the work is done alone and the practicing is done without others, these are special moments when the heart is held without the group.

With decades of experience the student is given the task of sharing the practices. I was given the task to teaching Chi Kung and Tai Chi. When the training takes on a mind of its own the knowledge precedes itself. There is a way that the work will continue due to circumstance. What we gained through this experience is the knowledge of how to listen to the flows of a collective that helps to hold us in the light of consciousness.




I give thanks and honour those teachers who have held the gift of light and have offered excellent training in Chi Kung and Tai Chi. 

May these practices be passed down with the same love as was given.  

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List of teachers & trainings that have supported my Chi Kung and Tai Chi training 

​1985 - Bachelor of Fine Arts 

1992 - 1997 Tai Chi Chuan – Michael Chen – Chen Man-ch’ing

1993    Professional Clairvoyant Certificate 
1994   Acupressure Certificate
1994   Xiang Gong training - Ken Weintraub

1994 - present Youth Mentorship
1995 - 1997  Chi Kung - Grand Master Juiling Peng, Vanc., B.C.
1997 - 1998  Pranic Healing Training, Vancouver, Canada
1998 - 1999   Upledger Institute Cranial Sacral Training – Vanc, B.C.

2000 - Certified Spiritual Healer

2000 - Ordained Minister

2000 -  Diplomat of Earth Stewardship​ Certificate

2001 - 2003 Tibetan White Crane Tradition - Grand Master Chow, Vanc, B.C.

2004 - 7 Lotus Chi Kung – Weidan Certificate​

2004 - Mago Therapy, Carlos de Leon 

2004 - 2006 Yu Ren Chuan Training​

2005 - Vipassana Training, University of British Columbia 

2006   Tandava  & Chan Meditation, MasterDaniel Odier, Mexico
2006 - 7 Lotus  -  Instructor Certificate, Carlos de Leon

2010 - Taoism, Carlos de Leon, Mexico

2011 - 2019 Tai Chi  & Bagua - Grand Master Victor Fu, Certificate Vanc.

Red Cross CPR/AED Certification
​Psychological First Aid (WHO)

'''University of Ottawa Award for Excellence in Academic Achievement 1984'''

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understanding and knowledge of the path of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, may you be blessed

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