Crane  2018

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Chi Kung Healing _____________

Awareness as  insight, empowers. Awakening as a process, connects to a personal flow of consciousness engaging the psyche in sensitive experiences.

The delicate skill of learning opens a need to listen and explore subtle information. As healing, this can involve a treacherous walk among the trappings of the mind. If needs engage in want and entice us to place power on knowledge as potential holding of fact, the choices made ask that knowledge be held in a way that doesn’t cause suffering. 

The way of old known as Chi Kung involves the continual letting and allowing for the flow of mind and body. Therefore the process of receiving awareness is practiced as mindfulness, the delicate owing to a cycle.  

Each moment is distinct in when the letting happens and how the experience of lowly heart involves an emptiness and space. The practice puts a thread of power in sequence and entails a wholeness that permits continual growth.

 Copyright Denise Richard

he excitement of being in awareness of the cycle that plays the whole and brings to light natural insight is the observer in observation. 

The usual way of healing  supports psychic holding of mind. Then information is but a placement of a thread in a tapestry that has long been woven. How this information is used and how the power of this is held can have  implications. The practice of Chi Kung offers an ancient way of engaging the light of consciousness in service.