About Five Blossom Gatherings ____

Five Blossom Gatherings is the creation and inspiration of a  great teacher. The programs you see on this site are compiled by Denise Richard. Five Blossom is designed to engage the  blossoming of heart, mind and body through 5 foundation practices.  Based on an ancient  model for health management, Denise offers a way of instruction that supports consciousness and wholistic care.

Years of training, practice and teaching help to provide the way, her knowledge of tradition  enriches

training in health and wellness.

A compliment to any health program, the Five Blossom model helps set  the foundation for awareness, an essential for wellbeing. A product of nature and of wise  teachings from long ago, the work lends to all.

Denise Richard is author of the book "Love and Impasse" which speaks to the arduous journey of those who care. Denise is also an artist who  inspires with  empowerment through her sensitive drawings and artworks

She finds strength and comfort from a deep love  for earth stewardship, tirelessly engaging compassion as the way.