About Denise Richard Works of Art

Of a small town in Quebec, Canada, Denise Richards' artistic development had the normal university formation, with an added support of an international influence. Beyond these standards she was supported by indigenous and Taoist training and engaged in the making  a contemporary art form influenced by indigenous traditions. Learning with scholars who's mastery held support for  community care she was inspired by a spiritual way of old. When compassionate care engages the influencing and the making of art – we reclaim  natural expression and for care of land.

Denise Richards' work engages traditions of old with a heartfelt interest and environmental concerns. The term "Yugen" is commonly used as a way of expressing awe and feelings too deep or mysterious for words. Her artwork may be seen as a brief spiritual moment  - an experience of Yugen . Her use of natural medium: paper, pastel and tempera in practice reflect a  fragile world powered by  nature -  caring  and  creative forces.

This current body of art was inspired and empowered by nature through the witnessing of local birdlife. Commonly the swan, heron and small birds reflect a play of spirit on land. Thematically the art is rendered spontaneously with tempera and pastel on paper. A primary use of colour is important as small birds hold purity of the natural world. These playful drawings inspire lightness of being with environmental health concerns.

Denise Richard