Sustainable Renewable Practice

Taking care is heartfelt respect, and when it comes to the body and its subtleties maintaining balance is of importance. This understanding is common sense, common knowledge not forgotten. But when do we forget? If awareness helps to play a more significant role in health management, could there be a respectful way and remedy for healthcare today. The way of allopathy – where the use of medication supports removal of symptoms, now dominates healthcare. This system has brought us great changes and supports health in important ways. Other systems in health management know how to protect our human energy system in its continual movement. Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, our human energetics moves through cycles related to the earth’s placement and movement. If we respect the earth field as a resource for a healthy management, we may become intimate with a way of old.  

Though our physical world is known as finite, those who know the subtle world know another reality. The subtle field of earth plays upon us continuously. We call this climate. We know climate from a challenged view we seek to care for. If the energetic field of our human body were cared for in a natural way, would we have a better view of the natural world? Would these actions together create a positive relating for all concerns? Opened minds know with understanding that energy follows thought and what you observe and think impacts all worlds.

The way of energy management entails consciousness and the opening of mind. When mind opens we are available. Renewal and repair potentially impact the whole and significantly support growth.

What is sustainable renewable practice? A practice is a programmed set of movements – or way of routine engagement that enhances awareness. The enhancement brings a mindful quality or presence of care to body and mind. What enhances health becomes sustainable if the practice is without effort.  As example, an easy practice, like simply brushing teeth has supported heath care for a century and is now common. A practice is renewable when it is applicable to present time or long periods of time. A sustainable renewable practice can be physical and or subtle.

Sustainable renewable practices in energy management have been available and in community since the origins of time. Easy, sensitive practices protected human health and a person could live in excellent health well beyond the norm. Have you considered longevity or health alternatives in practice? 

Copyright Denise Richard