Resiliency in Health

We assess wellbeing from a usual felt sense. Perception of how we feel, how we look, and how we move helps in awareness and offers a general evaluation of wellness. In practice this is a western way of assessment. Sensitivity with the body as a pathway for learning is health management.

Health management in practice supports physical, mental and social wellbeing. As a way of care it engages issues of sensitivity in all levels of health. As we extend the envelop of care, health management in a broader view involves a subtle assessment; a way of engagement that places attention on those issues that may commonly be overlooked.

If what we want is good health, resilient health – this vision may provide understanding of what obstructs or places challenge before us. In traditions of old, health included the way within - a model that placed us at the foot of creation. With open awareness and compassionate respect for  self and earth, health management included a relationship to what served health. The principle is sound as it stabilizes a reflection of care and includes what protects and nurtures existence.

The argument heard - that earth isn’t well enough to help stabilize the human condition for health - cannot hold value. The concern for toxicity, illness and death has always existed - the human energy system is resilient. Traditions of old promoted heart, hope and clean vision in wellness. When health practice is supported in principle it stabilizes a common view in support of a process of compassionate care.

Experience dictates and places a standard. This standard is reflected by nature – reflected by the resiliency of those who live amongst us. To awaken the obvious – that climate change wasn’t on the table until mid-century and placed earth as witness to our dramatic need. As proven by health issues of old earth isn’t the concern – the concern is our relationship with earth.

Resiliency requires – resiliency is exchange and motion. The good earth is receptive and moves in a cyclical motion providing support in resiliency. If care is given to the human body as sentient – a manifestation of consciousness – then the capacity for awareness in health can be nurtured. We agree that the state of energetics in local areas can feel deploring and unhealthy. Where in truth experience has shown how the human energy system is able to transform what is undesirable and replace with health. Requirements for exchange, care and promotion of health are available and increase the capacity for life giving.

In question, cultures of old lived well beyond one hundred and showed how living with careful engagement and little science in foundation promoted security and resiliency. Human existence is extreme – we live extreme polarity. Acceptance of resiliency plays the bridge of hope for a natural solution. Nature gives and should we release the conditions for care in hindsight, potential for health engages.

Copyright Denise Richard