The work of transforming the body

The sensitivity and awareness that we claim through Taoist practice ignites the creation of good grounding, clear heart and healthy relating. As we face discomforts and allow  the way we chose to relate through heartfelt acceptance.


​                            The community of Chi Kung is supported through Bowen Community Recreation

What the way of Chi Kung offers is unique to each one of us. It requires that we pay very close attention to the uniqueness of our flow of energy. If the energy is not flowing then we cannot open to a greater field of change. This is the first play and requires that preliminary exercises be done so that the whole can be sustained. When simple practices are held with awareness the light of chi is developed through that awareness. This light is our consciousness that works to help us in our growth and change. If this is actualized then the participant comes to experience a personal awareness that secures, heals and protects the body and mind.

​  Chi Kung & Tai Chi Instruction ​

​​                          with  Francoise ​Denise Richard

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Sweet light of Chi how do you want to reflect?

Chi Kung and Tai Chi practices involve the use of consciousness through simple easy postures. In this work we use the essence of Tai Chi to help create a specific movement of energy in the body. As the student observes this, the light will grow through the movement of Chi. Consistent application of this practice will help to release the mind and stress in the body. When the body is safely held in a posture the whole system glows with consciousness.